“If you seek an Angel with an open heart you shall always find one.” – Anonymous

A huge thank you to all of our Kickstarter supporters and backers for funding Watching Angels! We did it! Now on with the show!

Gratitude Wall

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Watching Angels

One day hundreds of angels appeared in a small Vermont town.

Not everybody could see them – but many did. And to their delight and surprise, the Angel had a message just for them! This September, WATCH FOR ANGELS in Brattleboro, VT.

What is the Watching Angels Public Art Show?

Watching Angels is a month long interactive public art show based on two simple questions:

What if you really could see angels?
What if when you spotted an angel it had a message just for you?

Questions beget questions…

What would happen if for one month you saw angels in the most unexpected places? What if we put hundreds of angels all over our small town? On the parking meter, behind the co-op, inside a shopping cart, in the coffee shop, on the steeple of the old church that is now a dance studio? What happens when a whole town is Watching for Angels?

This concept begins with a call to artists to create an angel of his or her own vision. This might be classical renaissance putti, but we encourage a broad definition of angel, with the specific intent of looking for a representation of our higher or better selves.

A call for artists of all kinds

Painters, sculptors, musicians, children, folks from the senior center, 3-d mapping projectionists. Our goal is to keep the whole idea closer to guerrilla art than organized art. We hope that a good portion of the angels and placements will happen via organic/viral growth. Each angel will have an identifying placard with a name, website and a QR Code that directs the viewer to a simple, elegant interactive website. We want to make the “Watching Angels” experience immediate – compounding the joy of seeing an angel in an unexpected place with easy access to an “Angel message” via smart phone or computer.

Each angel is searchable. Each angel has a message.

The following is a sample of the messaging:

Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you. –Maori proverb
Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. Marianne Williamson
There are beautiful and wild forces within us. – St. Francis
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.Goethe
You’ve done enough today. You are perfect and loved.Anonymous

How This Looks in Real Life

You are driving into town to run errands. It’s hot, you can’t find a parking space and finally you manage to squeeze into a spot in Harmony Lot. You hop out of your car and hurry to your first appointment. On the parking lot side of the Tulip Café you notice an interesting piece of art. This might be a Putti, a sculpture, or a painting – some interpretation of an angel. Intrigued, you glance at the placard:



The Watching Angels Art Show website will present each angel and their message for the viewer. With a nod to kismet, each angel has many messages. Therefore even though you may see the same angel twice in a day, the message may or may not be the same. Next to the angel, we will credit each angel artist on the site with a brief bio and a link to the artist’s websites if desired.